SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Simply put “Make Your Website Content Specific to Your Business” and see great results!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is achieved by ensuring your website reflects your business in as much detail as you would like to provide. It really is about the content that you put on your website and then specify the names of the pages and/or posts by titles that indicate the content.  Then give each one a brief summary of what is on that page or post.  So the search engines can then scan your website pages and index them according to the above information. This achieves your organic rankings.

Depending on how often your content changes will determine how much work is involved in maintaining your SEO steps to ensure good rankings.

Often it makes more sense to use adword campaigns (these are ads that you pay per click) in order to drive significantly more traffic to your website than you would see by simply having good organic rankings (no per click cost with organic clicks).

Adword Campaigns are a great way to target a given location that you want to do business in and your ads will only show up in that given location.  Very effective in location specific markets.